Please bear with me while I take a brief hiatus from blogging. I need a few days, y’all. I promise I’ll be back soon. Please don’t leave me, loyal readers!


Call for Questions

So I’m feeling the pressure to keep posting with some serious regularity … As in, I am receiving actual verbal pressure along with some good old fashioned guilt and subliminal messaging. So here I am! (subtext: I actually love this)

What I’m realizing is that many of you – family, friends, and lurkers alike – have lots of questions about all of this and maybe don’t feel comfortable asking or are just waiting for me to post about it. Since I’m not a mind reader, here’s my call for topics! I want to hear from you – leave me a comment (you can be anonymous if you must) with a topic you’d like to hear my thoughts on or a question you have, and I’ll end up with a little list of blog posts yet to be written!

You know what’s going to be super embarrassing? When I don’t get any comments on this post at all …

Also, I seem to have only taken videos of Monica yesterday. So no pictures to post today! I promise that there will be pictures galore of the back of her head/other face-less poses as we embark on our little family vacation this weekend. Just you wait.