High / Low

Have you ever played high/low? I’m playing for Monica today. Here were her highs and lows for the day. I’m thinking let’s start with the low:


Monica woke up with a junky-looking ear. She has been kind of irritable the past couple of days – a little bit of trouble going to sleep and much less of an appetite than we’ve come to expect. Anyway, this morning I kind of decided it just looked like extra earwax, but by the afternoon it was actively oozing so I called the doctor. Just in case she hasn’t had to deal with doctors enough recently, I thought we’d throw in an extra experience for good measure. Her new doctor’s office (right down the road with free parking instead of in the city with expensive parking) was able to get her in within a half hour, and we only had to wait like 10 minutes once we were there to see a nurse practitioner. Monica did not enjoy getting her ear looked at. It was not a fun first birthday kind of activity. Apparently she has swimmer’s ear (riddle me that one?!), and now we get to put drops in her ear twice a day for a week. Ergh. The bright side? We were there for less than a half hour and hopefully she is now on the mend.

While it isn’t a low per se, I unfortunately had to drag Monica to my new place of employment for a few hours today so that I could unpack my office before I have to be in and seeing patients. She honestly had a blast – she loves having new people love on her (no shortage of that), and she got to play with all of my therapy toys. Aunt S came by to help keep her entertained, so that was good fun as well. Again, just not the most fun birthday activity.

Barney and office chairs ... good stuff

Barney and office chairs … good stuff


E, Monica, and I all had a blast celebrating her first birthday today! We had a very small, rather last minute gathering of some neighbors and a couple of friends. There was pizza, cake, and presents – all of the fixins of a raging party! Given how much Monica enjoys ripping paper and napkins, she didn’t love unwrapping presents as much as I thought she would. She went along with it long enough for us to feel satisfied and get pictures though (honestly, first birthday parties are way more for parents than they are for the kiddos, right?). She humored us with the hat too – I was shocked at how long she kept it on, given her history of ripping off all hats as soon as they touch her head.

birthday hat

She wore the birthday girl hat for at least a minute!

We had heard early on from her mother (via a SW) that Monica’s favorite food is cheese pizza. Now, we haven’t ever actually fed her pizza, but we went for it for her birthday, and her mom was not lying. She ate a whole slice of pizza along with some veggies. When we gave her a piece of cake, she was pretty hesitant. She certainly has never been given that much food in one piece before. After a few minutes of timid poking and licking her fingers, she went for the gusto. It was classic and perfect. She also fed a good amount of cake to Sheba so we’ll see how that shakes out tomorrow.


Sorry my editing skills are not cool enough to make it say "Monica" instead of her real name

Sorry my editing skills are not cool enough to make it say “Monica” instead of her real name


I wish you could see her face. This doesn't even do it justice.

I wish you could see her face. This doesn’t even do it justice.

She literally licked the plate.

She literally licked the plate.

Obviously it was overall a wonderful day and celebration for the little one. She didn’t let the ear infection get her down one bit! And she went down without a peep (I’ll admit I was pretty nervous after all of the sugar…). I just hope she stores up enough energy for the weekend – we are headed out of town for an engagement party that my aunt is throwing for us tomorrow. We’re going to need all of the luck and good vibes you’ve got out there. Another road trip but this time post-birthday celebration and with an ear infection …

Regardless of what happens, at least this picture exists:

Sheba at her happiest (anytime food is involved)

Sheba at her happiest (anytime food is involved)


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