Life Goes On

The scheduled visit with Monica’s parents today didn’t happen (again). All of the missed visits make me feel really sad for Monica, and for her parents. I don’t want to assume the circumstances or pass judgement on people I don’t know. All I can say is that it must be very difficult for them that they haven’t seen their daughter. It must be hard to now have missed the visit that would have been closest to her first birthday. I can’t imagine the pain of missing your child’s first birthday … or missing all of the milestones that she has met in just the past 5 weeks. The last time they saw her she wasn’t crawling, wasn’t pulling herself up, wasn’t holding her own bottle … It must be hard.

Lucky for us, Monica isn’t old enough to be aware of the missed visits. So life moves on. Our play time today included:

book box
Playing her favorite game of “take all of the things out of whatever they are in” – today it was the books. Luckily we wised up about the book box and took all paper page books out, leaving only the durable board books in there for the taking. Phew.

At least today’s game progressed into interest in the discarded books.

Reading (also known as, “Oh hey! These aren’t just for throwing!”).

E nose
Showing off her genius baby skills – she now knows the answer to, “Where’s my nose?” (Of note – she also knows the answer to, “Where’s Monica’s nose?”) (Also of note, she is hugely proud of herself and gives a big toothy grin and giggle every time she does it).

Sheba mess
I’m not even cleaning this up. (Sheba? Little help?) Those of you who know me know that means I’m exhausted.

**Update – E is the best and she cleaned it up for me

So despite the missed visit, we salvaged the day. The night, unfortunately, was not so much salvageable. Monica was super tired but refused to go to sleep. If we were holding her, she was squirming. If we put her in her crib, she was doing the crazy death scream. If we brought her out to the living room, she was fussing. I’m reasonably certain that it was teething-related. She finally went down after sucking on/biting her stuffed dog’s ear for like 20 minutes. And our daycare provider literally just texted that she has an appointment tomorrow so her back-up provider will be there to watch the kids from 11-5 (seriously?! good thing I’m off tomorrow).

On the docket for next week: I start my new job, we have a visit with both SWs (Monica’s and ours) where we hopefully get more details, another doctor’s appointment (of course), and possibly her first EI visit. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure.


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