Busy Busy

OK I know I didn’t post yesterday … things have been busy busy around here! I know I’ve hinted at other big changes here at Chez K and E. For those of you who don’t know, we’re freaking insane. You see, E got a job offer the morning of the day Monica came to us. And the next day? Oh, no big deal, I got one too. So over the past month, we’ve not only been adjusting to parenthood, but also making huge changes in our lives – resigning from our jobs (a first for both of us), transitioning to new schedules, starting new jobs, meeting new coworkers, learning new commutes … it hasn’t been the quietest of months. Well, you can’t say no when life rains blessings on you! Onward and upward.

E and I are really enjoying some of the “normal” parenthood things (read: things that are not related to figuring out what to refer to each other as, when visits will take place and whether they’ll be canceled, court dates, length of placement, permission to travel …) like buying birthday presents and celebrating milestones. And we haven’t even had too much to deal with from DCF (still on the “no news is good news” kick).

Monica has a visit scheduled for tomorrow, and her SW sounds confident that her parents will attend. I’m hopeful that this is the case, and that they are able to celebrate her first birthday with her despite the circumstances.

Given how disjointed this post is, I don’t even feel bad about ending with a picture from Saturday. How great is the placement of L’s cone? Perfectly unintentional privacy protection.



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