Solo Mama Weekend

All in all our weekend without E was pretty close to a breeze. It seems to have gone by quite quickly, actually. A little recap:

On Saturday, we joined a good friend (and her 2 comrades) at a nearby pond for some relaxing, outdoors-y fun. A good time was had by all. We were there for a few hours, and Monica was a little water baby. She loved all of the attention she got from the girls (hilarious to watch 4 SLPs compete for social attention from a baby), and couldn’t get enough of the pond. Her favorite game was pick up muddy sand from the pond and put it on people’s legs. Good one.

photo 3
After the pond, we headed to our rendezvous with T and Y (of yesterday’s post fame). Monica loves babies (I realize that she is a baby … she loves other babies, especially littler ones). She got to meet a 12 week old baby last weekend, and was adorably pointing to his nose and toes, and leaning in for kisses. T and Y’s twins are about 7 months, and she had the time of her life watching their every move and laughing at them. Unfortunately, my photos from their house have foster baby faces galore in them (shucks, I’m usually so good). Monica particularly loved all of the toys and books at their house (especially the exersaucer), and particularly enjoyed showing T and Y what needs baby proofing for when their boys are mobile.

As of today, I can officially say that we have a crawler. That girl figured it out and is now all over the place. I had her sitting outside the bathroom door and ran into the kitchen to make her a bottle, and all of a sudden I turned around and she was in the kitchen. I put her down in the kitchen to clean off her tray, and she was in the living room before I finished rinsing it. E and I really need to get our baby proofing in gear! The gate for the top of the stairs is up, and outlet covers are on. All that leaves is removing all valuables/generally not baby friendly items from reach. Easier said than done I think. Wish us luck.

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook – I got to have my pedicure this afternoon! I swear I’ve never wanted a pedicure so bad. L (our pond buddy) came over and we got pedicures together with Monica on my lap. She was a champ! I was really worried about how it would go and brought all sorts of snacks, a bottle, games, my iPad … and that girl only wanted to watch me get a pedicure. Figures. She loved dipping her feet in the tub and watching the lights change in the water. The lovely pedicurist gave her some toe separators to play with, which provided more than enough entertainment. She obviously won everyone in the place over by being so adorable. Yeesh, this girl is too easy. When we got home, she spent the afternoon feeding Sheba her Cheerios. I literally don’t think Monica even ate one, they all went into Sheba’s mouth while Monica giggled.

Hey, solo mommyhood wasn’t so bad. But we miss E and I’m tired! I can’t wait until our little family is reunited. Poor E is stuck in Philly waiting for a plane that has been delayed 3 1/2 hours.


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