Things have been a little crazy over here at Chez K and E. We kind of have a lot going on. And that’s in addition to wedding planning and adjusting to being new parents to an almost one year old … More info to come soon, but let’s just say we don’t seem to know how to take things slowly around here. Anyway, it seems to be making it slightly difficult for me to organize my thoughts into nice little blog posts. So consider this my caveat … things might get weird (read: discombobulated). But not to worry – I have pictures.

In the world of all things foster care, there is still not much to report (which, to me, feels worth reporting). We’ve basically heard nothing. Monica’s SW is coming out to the house for her second visit (they happen once/month) in a little over a week. We have another doctor’s appointment coming up, and we finally decided to switch her doctor to a nearby practice – we were kind of over driving downtown and paying to park for all of her appointments. The reason we’ve had so many is that kids in DCF care must have a screening within 7 days of coming into care (hers was on the first day – that’s what I picked her up from), and a full appointment within 30 days (that is what was last week). Our little nugget is turning one next week, so she has the traditional one year check up as well. Oy.

Speaking of her birthday, we plan to have a small celebration (classic face-in-cake, “I’m 1” hat, photo-op kind of deal) for her. We certainly want her to know that her first birthday was celebrated, and we’d like her to have pictures to prove it. We’re planning to make a Life Book to send along with her when she goes – with photos of her time with us and notations of any milestones she meets here (crawling, first words, first birthday, etc).

Yesterday, my amazing colleagues took me out for a little celebration after work. So I left E alone with Monica for the night – her first time doing the night-time routine alone (we have fallen into pretty steady roles – E does the wake-up routine of changing, bottle, getting out the door, and I do the bedtime routine). Well, in the end I got a call at 9:00 saying, “you need to come home now.” I guess Monica wasn’t a huge fan of having E put her down (and maybe E wasn’t a huge fan of having to put Monica down), and things kind of fell apart. I walked in at 9:30 to a very smily, very awake baby. Yikes. I find it pretty funny actually (sorry E). I really laughed thinking about Sam over at Cycling Onward‘s post about bedtime roles … hey – at least we know our roles!

In that same vein, I am heading into a weekend of single mommy-hood. E headed out tonight for her high school reunion. The plan was to all go together, but we made a semi last minute decision that E would go alone (thus skipping the 6 hours each way car trip). So Monica, Sheba, and I are having a little girls weekend. I guess we’ll see how wake-up tomorrow goes! If anyone wants to come and save me from myself, I’m certain I’ll appreciate the adult interaction.

Since I know you just want to see photos …

playing with paper

This is what I came home to today. I’m actually quite used to coming home to scenes like this, and was about to yell at Sheba for getting into the trash again when E told me that Monica did it. Her favorite thing is ripping up paper/napkins/tissues/whatever she can. Hilarious (mostly). I love how she’s proudly showing Sheba her handiwork in this picture.

sippy cup

I don’t remember how much I said about Monica’s self-feeding preferences (knowing me, probably a lot and in great detail). Look at her go! She’s so much more independent these days – not only is she drinking from a sippy cup, she’s also reaching for, grabbing, picking up, and drinking on her own. I want to note that I recognize how much I sound like a bragging parent, and also that I don’t care. 🙂

in the car

On the way to drop E off at the airport. She spent the whole ride pointing to raindrops and then trying her best to turn around and make faces at me (in the passenger seat). Love this kid.

And this is what we arrived home to. Good sign for a smooth single parent weekend?



4 thoughts on “Vignettes

  1. Love it! “You have to come home now.”

    We are encouraging holding the bottle with our little foster kiddo, he’s much younger than Monica. It’s a mixed feeling though. I’d love to have a free hand for drinking coffee, but it’s also nice to be needed! There’s plenty he needs us for, so “hold that bottle buddy, mama needs coffee!”

    • Absolutely! I’m still not making her hold it during the pre-bedtime bottle – I feel like that’s our bonding time (and it’s nice to be needed) 🙂

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