Is time flying or standing still?

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since Monica came into our lives. It simultaneously feels like it’s been no time at all and months and months. It is funny how normal it feels to have her here, and yet how different our day to day lives are.

We haven’t heard anything about the case in quite a while (which honestly probably contributes to things feeling so normal). There was another visit scheduled for this afternoon that didn’t happen. For anyone keeping score at home, that makes 4 visits missed – her parents have not seen her since she was removed 4 weeks ago. I have trouble wrapping my head around that when I try to see things from their perspective. In MAPP class we were taught to respect the birth parents, to connect with their feelings and support their rehabilitation and the reunification of their family. I absolutely feel that people whose children are in DCF care are by and large good people going through a hard time in their lives. I buy into “the system” – I want to see people become better parents through intervention, and to see their families reunited. Regardless, it is hard to see past the only concrete link I have to Monica’s parents, which is that they have had 4 opportunities to see the daughter who was suddenly removed from their lives … and they haven’t taken advantage of even one. And let me just tell you, this girl is worth seeing. I don’t even want to pass on an afternoon with her.


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