We have crawling?

Well we have a couple of strides at least. The most I’ve seen her take is 3 little scoots with her knees, but what a leap from not being able to get her foot out from under her!



The current issue is … she’s too content! It’s hard to motivate her to go any further than 3 little scoots because she doesn’t care enough. Things that have motivated her to go for it: our phones, my old iPod (AKA phone fake out), and cake. A run-of-the-mill favorite toy just won’t do the trick. She is seriously content to just look at the toy while she rolls onto her back. Oh well, we are getting closer anyway.

Monica keeps showing off her ridiculously positive temperament wherever we go. We had a blast today at a pool party (slash engagement party). There were many doting aunts around to give Monica attention, which she ate up as always. I don’t think she cried once all afternoon. We are definitely screwed when it comes to any and all future children in our lives … I can’t imagine any baby being so easy and happy! She doesn’t just make life easy, she makes it super fun.

Update-wise, we really didn’t hear anything from DCF this week. I suspect that we won’t hear anything until the inter-state cooperation business is worked out. It’s just a little tough that we have no idea how long that will take. I’m not complaining though – no news is good news to me.

Point of clarification: the pool/engagement party was not for us – rather, for our good friends.


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