There are moments when I marvel at how little our life has changed. It amazes me that we still get sleep (maybe not rest, but certainly sleep), have our friends over, go out and about, get things done around the house … I just expected my life to feel more upheaved I suppose. I mean, our friends have come by 2 nights in a row to watch baseball (E will kill me for just calling the Home Run Derby and All Star Game “baseball”), we went on a road trip/family vacation 4 days after getting Monica, we’ve managed maintain previous social engagements … Now, I am fairly certain that this is all me kidding myself. In truth, many many things have changed and our lives have totally been upheaved. Just maybe not as much as I thought. Every once in a while I look around and realize all of the things that have changed around here. Little reminders that I’m living in La La Land if I think everything is normal.

photo 1

photo 2
(Okay those movies are E’s – Monica has very little interest in TV …)

So I guess things have changed. Maybe I don’t notice the changes because I like them all so much. 🙂 I feel like I haven’t really blogged about the fact that we are new parents. It’s been overshadowed by the very foreign adventure that is foster care/DCF/parenting other people’s children. And the truth is, I feel like the parenthood part has been cake (I’m jinxing myself again …). We stepped into these roles without much difficulty. It just feels natural. Our true struggle has been figuring out this system and how and where we fit in it.

Still no word from DCF regarding any updates with Monica’s case. We are very happy to be planning things on a weekly basis instead of daily. As you read yesterday, E spent time setting up a lot for Monica that we had been waiting on in case we wouldn’t need it. She went shopping today and used the WIC checks she picked up yesterday to stock up on baby food fruits/veggies, baby cereal, and formula. Side note: given the struggles I’ve read on other foster blogs with using WIC, it seems we had an easy time of it. E did have to go to 2 grocery stores because the first didn’t have enough formula and you have to use all of each check at once (and the second store kept the WIC formula behind the counter instead of on the shelves), and I guess they had to call over a manager to do the transaction, but it wasn’t so bad overall. We’re also excited that our grocery store (less than a block from our home) takes WIC. Monica had her first official day at her new daycare today, which seemed to go well. Our only complaints (ugh I don’t want to be those parents who complain about everything): the provider called this morning to say she wanted to drive her son to camp and could we come a little later (that better not be a regular occurrence – it was only okay because E wasn’t working today), and we didn’t get a record for the day of her naps, eating, etc. We DID, however, get a picture text in the middle of the day, so that was nice.

Monica’s EI evaluation was this afternoon as well. It was really fun watching her interact with the EI providers (an SLP and 2 developmental specialists), and show off her skills (though I kept thinking “no don’t do that in front of them … we want you to qualify!”). Overall the results are that she’s doing fairly well in all areas. She did end up qualifying for services just barely, which I’m very glad of. Regardless of where and when she goes, I am comforted knowing that there will be someone in the house regularly to keep Monica from slipping through the cracks. If she goes out of state there is no guarantee of that, but they will at least have the evaluation and the recommendation of carry-over services.

Since I know it’s more fun when there’s a photo of Monica, here you go. E and I are so relieved at how things have gone with introducing a child into Sheba’s house (I would call it our house … but let’s be honest about who reigns supreme here). Sheba has been around kids before and is a very mellow dog – but kids can move in somewhat unpredictable ways and in the past, that has made her want to herd them. Anyway, Monica and Sheba love each other. In fact, Sheba refused to leave the house the other day (E was heading out and trying to get Sheba to join) and it really seemed like she wanted to stay to protect the baby. Adorable. Here’s a picture of their love fest this afternoon. Enjoy. (Also I just noticed the chili cheese dog on the TV in the background … haha)



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