Weekends with Monica

I love weekends … even more so with a baby! They feel longer because I wake up earlier, which may seem less than ideal, but it is totally worth waking up to those chubby little cheeks. And we get so much more done with that extra time! It had become kind of the norm for me to leave the weekend feeling like it was totally unproductive, which isn’t a great feeling. At least this weekend, I’m feeling very productive and fulfilled! PLUS we get to play with Monica all day. No one from DCF is calling, and Monica is having a blast. Some highlights:

Crawling practice … Still not quite there yet, but she has the hands part down now. She just crawls out until she runs out of length from her shoulders to her knees, then does the lunge and roll. Progress!

photo-8 copy
Monica got this great hug from our next-door neighbor while we were having a nice visit.

photo 4
We took our first trip to the park yesterday. Monica loved the swing, she found it hilarious. We tried to test out the splash pad and the slide (on E’s lap), but neither were a big hit. It was a nice walk and little activity, but there’s not much to do at the playground for a “pre-walker.”

photo 5
Monica had a blast discovering all of the toys her foster mamas have. And by discovering, I clearly mean removing from the bins and nothing more.

photo 1

photo 2
Monica joined us for Chipotle Sunday this week. She enjoyed eating the beans, cheese, and tomato salsa. Not so much the rice and chicken. I’m thinking we’ll pay for that soon …

Not pictured: Fun visit with Aunties M and K, another fun visit with Aunties J and S, and a looong walk (slash nap) around the pond with our awesome neighbors. Weekends are the bomb. Can tomorrow please not be Monday?


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