11 month-olds need naps

Am I right? This seems obvious. I am at my wit’s end with this emergency daycare lady. I’m all done trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s kind, but I think that is where her qualifications to provide daycare end. At least from my vantage point. This is the 3rd time Monica has had less than an hour nap. 11 month-olds typically take 1 or 2 naps equaling 2-3 hours of sleep during the day (file under: things I’ve learned in the past two weeks from the internet/a book/people with advice). TELL ME LADY, HOW DID SHE FUNCTION ALL DAY WITH 30 MINUTES OF SLEEP?! When I picked Monica up, she couldn’t even hold her head up. At 4:45. You might be thinking that I shouldn’t care this much how much sleep she gets during the day, and here’s why you’re wrong:

  • Babies need sleep for their little brains to grow
  • I need my baby to have sleep so that she is pleasant when I get to hang out with her for 2 hours in the evening time
  • Most importantly … babies are no fun when they are overtired. Monica does the following things when she is overtired: hits E, hits me, pinches, cries a lot, squirms, doesn’t want to go to bed, cries some more. And then we had to hear her wail for 15 minutes when we put her down because she was too tired to want to sleep (I knew I jinxed the sleep thing yesterday … damn). And she did the folded-in-half-’cause-I-fell-asleep-sitting-up thing again, which is heartbreaking and uncomfortable looking.

We’ll be done with that daycare stat in favor of the non-emergency DCF voucher-approved daycare, which hopefully specializes in providing appropriate care to babies.

In other news, I bought a new carseat today (which will be reimbursed by DCF), because the provided carseat did not come to us with a base and had to be secured using the seatbelt-over-the-top method. While it technically is able to do that, I just felt more comfortable having a properly secured seat. Plus she was about to grow out of the infant carrier. Interesting activity: teaching yourself how to install a new carseat whilst parallel parked outside of your workplace. Not to worry, I read the instructions very carefully and it is installed securely. This is a convertible seat, so we can potentially use it with any child in our age range (5 lbs-65 lbs), which is nice. And it’s Eddie Bauer, which E appreciates. 😉


Clearly, since I’m ranting about naps and carseats, there isn’t much to report today. We are thrilled to have another weekend to spend with Monica. We are so lucky to continue to have an amazing fostering support network – we had friends over tonight who picked up dinner and brought by some cute outfits, people continue to give us gifts of things and love and support … I just can’t say enough how important a good network of support is when you enter this crazy system. I’ve said it to a number of people and I’ll say it again here – Monica is a breeze. Being first-time instant parents to an 11 month old is a piece of cake. It’s dealing with the uncertainties, red tape, and all around craziness of the foster care system that gives us bags under our eyes and gray hairs (okay it’s just me with the gray hairs … and they were maybe already there). At the end of the day though, what we are doing is important – at least for this little girl, right now. She needs stability and love and good nutrition and a safe home – and even if she gets those things only for a few weeks, it is a few weeks more than she would have otherwise.


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