Visits Galore

OK so there were only 2 visits. Does 2 qualify as “galore?”

I left work early today to have Monica home for her EI intake visit. The woman from EI was lovely, and it was fun to have extra time at home with Monica before her evening routine (also there is no A/C in my office and it feels like breathing soup there this week). Her EI evaluation is early next week, along with a follow-up doctor’s appointment, and the end of her emergency daycare placement. A lot to keep track of and figure out! Our problem is that we’ve been delaying all of the figuring out because we were pretty certain Monica would be leaving any moment. Well at this point it seems she isn’t going anywhere before all of those things happen so here we go – E has to use her week off to fill out a mountain of paperwork to get a more permanent daycare solution in place and take her to/be there for various appointments. Such is parenthood I guess!

Our second visit tonight was from Monica’s ongoing worker. She is very nice, very young, and very green. She told us that, for a first placement, Monica’s case is very complicated (which we knew). I kind of got the feeling that she was overwhelmed by the complicated-ness of it all as well. She did have a few updates, none of which I can share here and none of which give us any more certainty in terms of how long the nugget will be with us and where she will go next. What I can say is that they are continuing to try to transfer the case out of state, but it will involve both states conducting home studies for a relative of Monica’s and then agreeing to transfer/accept the case. Although the worker had no idea how long that would take, it seems like a week or two at the least. Monica actually moving would also be dependent on the relative passing both home studies. So we don’t know if or when that will happen, but we feel like we can plan week by week instead of day by day or hour by hour like we have been doing for the past few days. There is an additional court date set for September … which I guess will happen if the case is not transferred?

So obviously we still don’t know very much and there isn’t a clear plan or timeline, but I feel better knowing a bit more information, and knowing what the possibilities may be for Monica (and us).

Since I know you all love reading about the minutia (okay, maybe I just like writing about it), I am pumped to share that Monica has gone to sleep without crying for 2 nights in a row! Hardly a pattern, but I’m hoping it’s the start of something good. I probably just jinxed it though. I am really proud of both her and us – she has gotten much better at self-soothing, and trusting that we will indeed return to pick her up out of the crib in the morning. And we have been excellent at keeping a consistent evening routine of dinner, (bath), change diaper and into PJs, books, bottle, bed. During such a tumultuous time for Monica, we think it is really important to have something predictable and comfortable for her to rely on. Here’s hoping that if and when she leaves, it is carried over. (Rookie pipe dream).

To cap off my post tonight, here is proof that “Annie” exists. I’d like to note that this is the stuffed animal that I thought E was talking about and showed her last night, to which she insisted “no, there’s another bunny with pink pajamas that is smaller.” Well there isn’t, but I’m glad she feels better about it anyway. It’s the little things I guess. 🙂 Also, I just noticed from this picture that Annie the bunny has little bunny slippers on. How weird slash adorable.



3 thoughts on “Visits Galore

  1. Oh Em is so adorable. I want to make all three of you slippers that look like your faces. We’ll miss you this weekend; tell Mo I say hi!

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