Holding Pattern

The only news we’ve received about Monica’s case today is that they are “trying to see if the case can be transferred” out of state. The ongoing worker said that she would give us more info tomorrow evening at her scheduled visit to our home. While we were prepared to live in uncertainty when it comes to foster care, we never thought there wouldn’t even be any semblance of a plan, so that’s been hard. Oh, and it is totally notable that we wouldn’t even have any information (like “hey, court didn’t finish today,” or “they’re trying to transfer the case”) if we hadn’t asked. So we will just keep on keeping on with Monica until we hear more, and keep enjoying those cheeks of hers. Que cera cera.

We have an Early Intervention intake scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, before Monica’s case worker comes to the house. She’ll have an eval early next week. We also have a follow-up doctor’s appointment next week, and she is due to switch daycares (“emergency” voucher will be up and we’ll need to switch to a DCF voucher) midweek. All of these things are annoying when you don’t know whether she’ll be around or not – do we jump through all of the hoops to get the daycare and voucher figured out or not? Will we need to cancel all of these appointments? If we do, how will her medical and developmental care carry over, or will it at all?

On the seriously adorable front, Monica has learned how to give kisses. If you ask her for a kiss and start kissing her cheek, she’ll open her mouth up and slobber all over your cheek/nose/lips and then back away smiling. It’s probably the best thing ever. She is starting to seemingly want to move around more, which is really nice. Today when we got home, Monica was playing in the living room while I cleaned bottles (if you don’t do them right away it’s somewhat impossible to get motivated and then there are a million dirty bottles and no clean ones). Anyway, when I walked back into the living room, Monica had made her way over to the TV stand and pulled all the DVDs off. Awesome slash annoying! I also got blog-appropriate photographic evidence of her lunge and roll for your viewing enjoyment:


Too cute right? I can’t take it. I wish I could post pictures of her kisses.

Any foster bloggers out there have advice on how to deal with the holding pattern? Or, you know, just want to commiserate?


3 thoughts on “Holding Pattern

  1. I can just see her scooting around. She is adorable! Thanks for keeping us updated. You guys are doing great. Keep the faith.

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