Call for Questions

So I’m feeling the pressure to keep posting with some serious regularity … As in, I am receiving actual verbal pressure along with some good old fashioned guilt and subliminal messaging. So here I am! (subtext: I actually love this)

What I’m realizing is that many of you – family, friends, and lurkers alike – have lots of questions about all of this and maybe don’t feel comfortable asking or are just waiting for me to post about it. Since I’m not a mind reader, here’s my call for topics! I want to hear from you – leave me a comment (you can be anonymous if you must) with a topic you’d like to hear my thoughts on or a question you have, and I’ll end up with a little list of blog posts yet to be written!

You know what’s going to be super embarrassing? When I don’t get any comments on this post at all …

Also, I seem to have only taken videos of Monica yesterday. So no pictures to post today! I promise that there will be pictures galore of the back of her head/other face-less poses as we embark on our little family vacation this weekend. Just you wait.


2 thoughts on “Call for Questions

  1. I love hearing about things she’s learning or new things you’re learning about her. It’s so fun to read about this adventure and how it’s affecting you personally, so keep it up!

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