And we’re off!

Baby’s first road trip! (At least with us). We packed up the car, and boy is it packed to the brim. Not so easy to travel with a baby, turns out. We have diapers, formula, clothes, toys, a travel booster seat, portacrib, books, diaper bag … And of course Monica! Sheba doesn’t make it easy with her dog bed and supplies either. Oh and also our luggage. I’ve already done my first back seat diaper change. That must be a right of passage or something. Now if only she would fall asleep …

Today Monica had her first scheduled visit with her parents. Visits are supervised at the DCF office. Her social worker picked her up from daycare this afternoon and brought her to the office during nap time (ugh). Then, of course, her parents didn’t show up for the visit. So poor thing got back in the car and headed back to daycare, leaving the whole ordeal without seeing her parents or having a nap. That threw off plans a bit. E put her down for a very late nap when she got home, and we woke her up for dinner. Then she had a visit from her attorney, who wanted to check in and meet her before the hearing next week. There will be a lot of attorneys involved – this one is just for Monica and her job is to defend the best interests of the child. Her parents and DCF will also have attorneys representing their interests. The only update I can give in terms of the case is that the hearing wasn’t moved up (it is still next week) and that the outcome could go a number of ways, including: Monica going to live with family immediately, Monica going to live with family in the near future, Monica staying with us for a while, and Monica’s case (and placement) been moved to the other state. We shall see.
For now, we are excited to enjoy our time with this sweetheart and introduce her to our family this weekend.


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