Turns out I have far less time to compose intelligent blog posts now that Monica is here. Some updates:

  • Daycare was worked out for the emergency period of 10 days of care – Monica is there now. I’m hoping all is going well. It was hard to leave her! We also are in contact with child care providers (through DCF) who have openings for a more permanent basis in the case that we need it.
  • Monica and Sheba are starting to get along much better. Monica decided on her first full day with us that she wasn’t scared anymore, and now enjoys sticking out her little hand for Sheba to lick (which she gladly does … after all, there is usually food on it). She has also taken to sharing her meals with Sheba. One bite for Monica, one for Sheba … so that’s fun.

monica sheba


  • This is totally not an update, more of a tidbit, but I LOVE playing with her. The SLP in me is continually thrilled by her social skills, babbling, and play skills. We had a great time yesterday playing a game of catch. It’s adorable, she completely understands (and enjoys) the concept, but has a hard time with the act of throwing. So she grabs the ball and flails her arms until it flies off, hopefully toward me.

catch with monica


  • New skills we’ve seen in the last couple of days (which she either just hadn’t shown us yet, or has learned): she holds her own bottle (when I make her) (for short periods of time), she is starting to work on being more mobile by scooting herself around in circles, lunging, and rolling in her immediate environment, and she is working on self-soothing when we put her down for bed. I love this age, there’s always something new happening.
  • She was assigned an ongoing social worker, so we now have an actual person to contact who should know everything relevant about her case as it happens. It is comforting to know who to contact – we’ve had too many people involved so far, and never know who to turn to. And our family resource worker is on vacation this week, so that doesn’t help.

I think that’s all for now. I’m anxious to go pick her up from daycare and see it myself! E dropped her off this morning. On a side note, what is it with all of the child care centers closing at 5:00? Does nobody work 9-5? Yeesh. Good thing she’s so adorable and totally worth rushing home to.


One thought on “Updates

  1. loving these posts thanking you for sharing this little cupcake with us ________________________________

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