Day of Rest?

Today was anything but restful. We had a nice day playing inside (we went out for a bit but MAN was it humid!), taking a car ride, visiting with the neighbors, and getting a great visit (and some dinner to boot!) from my cousin and his wife. Honestly, I’m too tired to be witty and thought-provoking, so here are my daily thoughts:

  • E is so fun to co-parent with. I love watching her with Monica. She is definitely already influencing the little nugget’s interests … she got her to watch a little bit of baseball today.

watching baseball


  • Monica keeps amazing me with her awesome personality and temperament. The few things that she doesn’t do quite on-target developmentally (crawling, pulling up, cruising, holding her own bottle) she keeps pushing towards. She doesn’t even get mad when I put her toys out of reach. She just lunges and rolls toward them like a champ. She’ll be moving around and forcing us to baby proof in no time.

standing tall

  • E and I definitely feel attached. We are fully aware that that is important and good for Monica, and also very aware of how sad we’ll be to see her go. Of course, we’ll be thrilled for Monica that she’ll be back with her family when she leaves us, but we’re preparing ourselves for the emotional pain that we will feel when that happens. She’s such a little ray of sunshine, it’s impossible not to love her!
  • We’re excited to be thinking about our trip to see family for the 4th. We got permission to take Monica out of state for the weekend. What’s really hard is not knowing for sure if she’ll still be with us on Thursday – it makes it difficult to make plans and get the things we need when there’s the chance it won’t happen! Selfishly, I would love for Monica to meet the whole extended clan and really hope she is still with us then. And then after I think that I feel guilty for hoping that she stays in foster care longer. I know that the fam will be disappointed if they don’t get to meet her either! As it stands, the next court date where her placement could change is scheduled for after the holiday weekend, but there’s a chance it could be moved up. Just another lesson in rolling with the punches!

I’m excited for a Monica and K day tomorrow while E goes to work. It’ll be nice to have a weekday at home to follow-up on the business end of things – scheduling a follow-up with the doctor, calling DCF, working out daycare, tying up loose ends with paperwork, working out daycare, getting updates re: the court date, working out daycare … Can you tell I’m anxious to go back to work? It feels like I’ve been a stay-at-home foster parent for a month. Has it really only been 3 1/2 days?



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