Day 2

I’ve been trying to write a “day 2” post for a half hour without typing even a word … I’m tired! Today went well. Little Monica slept through the night again, and has continued to be such an easy-going, happy, social little dream. She makes it easier to deal with the stress of the system. Our current stress? Daycare. When we took Monica in, we were told they would coordinate emergency daycare (a local organization offers 10 days of emergency care while a more permanent solution is being worked out) to start on Monday. So E and I both took Friday off to get to know the little nugget and adjust to parenthood, and were thrilled we would have the weekend to continue that. On Friday, I was in contact with DCF and the organization, and they told me they were on it, and would be contacting me by the end of the day with details.  Well, I never heard from them, so I called back a little after 5pm, and got through to the on-call supervisor. She had to track down the woman in charge of the program that works with DCF on her cell, and I finally heard back from her today. The news? You guessed it, they weren’t able to set anything up for Monday. This is supposed to be emergency-based! My assumption is that they do this all the time. What went wrong? I’m certain that it made things difficult that next week is a vacation week for a lot of people, and maybe daycare providers. But, unfortunately, that puts us in a bind. We’ll figure out a way to split the day or take turns (who knows if things will be worked out by Tuesday), but it is certainly annoying, and is our first real frustration with “the system” so far. First of many I’m sure.

Let’s move on to some positive things, shall we? I continue to be SO floored, humbled, amazed, and blessed by our friends, family, and community. I feel the need to give internet props to at least some of you. But I know in doing so, I will definitely miss someone. So a BIG thank you to everyone who has reached out with advice, compliments, and support through words, messages, phone calls, visits, and things over the past few days. We wouldn’t be sane without you. From visits to food to gifts/loans of toys, clothes, bottles, high chair, diaper bag, booster seat, portacrib, Baby Bjorn, books … dropped off or even shipped. There’s a CHANCE I’m feeing overwhelmed with all of our blessings. Thank you thank you thank you. Also, look at this beautiful blanket Mel made!

mel blanketIt’s the Very Hungry Caterpillar on one side and numbers on the other! I’m in love with it. So beautiful. One last shout out … thank you to all of you. Seriously, this blog is giving me a chance to sort out this instant parenthood business without going crazy or running away … the community of foster bloggers – you remind me that this is all in a day’s work, and all you readers, lurkers, commenters, family, and friends – you keep me honest and give me a reason to write it all down.

In Monica-related news … she’s such a good baby! She only cries for a reason, loves people, and generally goes along with whatever happens. She went down tonight without crying at all.  I mean, what?! The poor kid has a cold though, and has a love/hate relationship with tissues (it goes like this: she LOVES tearing them to little bits and trying to eat them, she HATES having them used for their intended purpose).  We are still trying to figure out the whole eat/sleep/play/poop schedule, but I think we are starting to get there (and by that I mean we’re starting to just let go of the hope for any type of actual schedule). Monica makes this all worth it.

My honest emotions/thoughts today: What have we gotten ourselves into?, Man, this is fun., Is everything about to fall apart?, We are insane., She is perfect and so worth it.

Sorry no pictures of the nugget today. It’s hard to get pics without her cute face in them!



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