First Day

OK we’ve officially gone viral (thanks to Facebook) – 232 visitors and ~700 views in 7 different countries today! Insane.

So Monica is napping right now. She slept through the night! And also through the morning! Poor thing was exhausted, and didn’t wake up until almost 9:00 this morning. E got her out of bed and she immediately stopped crying and flashed a big smile. She enjoyed her breakfast of fruit and puffs, and we took a little walk to Starbucks (much needed for E and me – we didn’t sleep as well as she did last night!). We came back and played with our neighbor’s 20 mo. old daughter for a little bit, then came back home for a bottle and nap time. She did cry a good amount when we put her down again, but eventually fell asleep and was out like a light in her weird, folded-in-half style.

On the docket for today: buy a few key items (socks, clothes, PJs, bibs, food), pick up some more key items (high chair, monitor, more clothes, toys), and generally make it through the rest of the day. We are so lucky to have such an amazing community of support. It really does take a village! Our friends and neighbors have jumped at the chance to lend/give us things, which is so wonderful. We don’t want to go out and buy a million things, in case she leaves us in 2 weeks. It makes things so much easier to know we won’t have to feed her meals on our laps like we did this morning! Or that we can give our arms a break with a Baby Bjorn (if she likes it) (yeesh she is heavy!). Seriously, you all are so fantastic.

Basically, so far so good. She is babbling (that’s for you, fellow SLPs) a lot, has great eye contact/is generally social, has a cute little pincer grasp (that one’s for you, OT friends), and was able to get some food into her mouth that way. She did get a little frustrated when things fell, etc – it seems like she might not have too much experience feeding herself (she mostly was opening her mouth and moving it toward things, waiting for us to pick them up and feed the to her). We haven’t seen any independent locomotion yet (PTs …) – but she hasn’t had too much of a chance. She definitely sits up well, sits up from lying down on her own, and can stand up holding our hands (but doesn’t love this). She likes balls, books, throwing things, hitting things, and feeding her food to Sheba (oy). And here’s a cute picture of her playing:



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