For us?!

photo 3

Sick of seeing pictures of an empty room yet? Don’t worry, there will be more later (like, later in this post), but here’s something new! E and I had dinner plans with 2 of our good friends tonight. When we arrived at their house, we were surprised not only by 2 other great friends, but also this basket of goodies! How great are they?!

It is pretty difficult (as I’ve previously mentioned) to feel prepared for what is certain to come. At the same time, whenever I think of something that would be critical to have (okay, I admit I am kind of impulsive), I stop myself. We’ve agreed to get the big things (furniture, bedding, stroller), and wait until we have details of our first placement to get the little things. It just isn’t a good financial decision to start gathering clothes, bath things, toys, cups/bowls/plates, etc. for our entire age range. It means so much to have some of those things now! And even more, it means so much to have the support of our friends. There are no guarantees in foster care, except that it will be hard – hard for the children being removed from the only home they’ve ever know, and hard for those caring for them to see them in pain and later see them go. We are going to need the support of our families and friends to do this – emotional support, babysitting, advice, understanding … among a host of other things I’m sure. Tonight was an excellent show of that support. We are humbled and grateful.

Of course, there was a whole day that happened before tonight. I bought a rug, which I think helps the room come together a little bit. Hopefully. And I picked up the twin mattress from our neighbor – turns out the room looks a little better when the bed is a bed and not just a frame. I’m feeling good about it. Not that we can every be really “ready,” I at least feel prepared. As promised, more pictures of our empty room.

photo 1photo 4


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