The Home Study that Wasn’t

I had been expecting to write a post today about our scheduled home study, which (as can be inferred from the title) didn’t happen.  I also debated titling this post “The First Placement that Wasn’t” – so that’s a little teaser for you.

We were scheduled to have our final home study visit today, so that our family resource social worker could ask all of her final questions to write and submit the home study.  I got a call today from said worker, and she started discussing an emergency in the office.  My immediate thought was, “ugh she’s canceling.”  Turns out, she was calling about a placement.  A brother and sister – 2 and 3 years old – who needed a placement today.  Like, within a couple hours of the call.  After the initial freak out (something along the lines of “really?! Are we even licensed yet?! Ummmm we don’t have furniture.  Or food.  Even adult food.  Or diapers.  Or day care.  And my blog is called sometimes three, not sometimes four …”), I called E to discuss.  I assumed she would say no right away – we are theoretically getting licensed for only 1 child, we have none of the things we need …   Long story short, she didn’t say no.  We talked with our worker and agreed we could make it work given we could get respite this weekend (we are headed to a wedding in Virginia) and that a day care situation could be pulled together.  We left the call with the impression that we were kind of the only option (rookies), and waited for the confirmation call.  Now I’m sure you all know where this is going (or we would have a very different post title on our hands) – they placed the kiddos with another foster parent who works on a typical school schedule and will be able to stay home with them within a couple of weeks.  And probably doesn’t need respite within the first week of placement.

Emotion-wise, I am feeling a mix of relieved, slightly disappointed, and happy for the kiddos.  I’m glad DCF was able to place them in a home where they will get great attention and (hopefully) good care.  E is feeling fairly annoyed with the up and down situation – she felt the pain of unmet expectations a little harder than I.  Here’s Sheba’s reaction:

sleepy shebaHard to read, but I’m thinking she’s just happy she doesn’t have a couple of small children pulling her hair tonight.

So that’s the update.  Moving forward, our social worker reported that she’ll be submitting our home study by the end of the week, so we can expect another call anytime after this weekend.  With that in mind and the shock of everything being much more real, we headed to Ikea this evening to purchase a crib/toddler bed.  Next time, we’ll at least have somewhere for the kid to sleep.


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